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Evaluation of the Psychological State and Levels of Violence Exposure in Infertile Women


Tomarza Yaşar Karayel State Hospital, Kayseri, Turkey


Atatürk University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Erzurum, Turkey

Journal of Midwifery and Health Sciences 2022; 5: 46-55
DOI: 10.5152/JMHS.2022.1030126
Read: 1214 Downloads: 242 Published: 29 August 2022

Objective: The present study was conducted to assess the psychological state and levels of violence exposure in infertile women and to examine the relationship between them.

Methods: This research was carried out in the descriptive and relationship-seeking type with 240 women who applied to the IVF center of Atatürk University Aziziye Research Hospital between April and October 2015 and who were determined by the improbable sampling method and volunteered to participate in the study. In the research, the “Information form” prepared by the researchers, the “Infertility Distress Scale,” and the “Infertile Women’s Exposure to Violence Determination Scale” were utilized as data collection tools.

Results: The mean total score of the Infertility Distress Scale was found to be 60.91 ± 10.26, and the mean score of the Infertile Women’s Exposure to Violence Determination Scale was found to be 85.12 ± 15.37. The mean score of the Domestic Violence subscale was determined to be 30.53 ± 6.06, the mean score of the Social Pressure subscale was found to be 19.49 ± 3.77, the mean score of the Punishment subscale was found to be 16.10 ± 3.51, the mean score of the Exposure to Traditional Practices subscale was found to be 11.12 ± 2.99, and the mean score of the Exclusion subscale was found to be 7.85 ± 2.05. A statistically positive significant correlation was determined between the women’s mean score on the Infertility Distress Scale and the mean Infertile Women’s Exposure to Violence Determination Scale subscale and total scores (p < .001).

Conclusion: It was revealed that primary infertile women were exposed to moderate violence. In accordance with the study results, it was found that when women were exposed to violence, they were more psychologically affected by infertility.

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